A. Brief History of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC):

  • Municipal Council was established by department of Urban Development, (UD) Government of Maharashtra (GoM) vide gazette Dated 04/03/1970.
  • It was converted into class-I Municipal Council on 07/01/1975.
  • It was converted into Municipal Corporation by the same authority vide gazette dated 06/10/1982.

B. Details of plot, plan & building/construction -
  • PCMC in its General Body Meeting resolved to build a hospital named Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital on the plot S. No. 170, 171 owned by the PCMC at Pimpri.
  • The plans were prepared by Mr. Shashi Prabhu & Architects, Mumbai.
  • The plans were passed & permission for construction of the building was given By PCMC vides certificate No. 88 dated 14/03/1988.
  • The building was built & utilized in phase wise manner & part completion were obtained from PCMC vide certificate No. 92 dated 21/08/1992.

C. Brief story about Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital (YCMH): -
Hospital is registered. The Registration Number is 161, Dated on 21/03/2017.
  • Foundation day: 17/03/1989.
  • Plot area: 45,167 sq. m.
  • Built Up area: 45, 114 sq. m.
  • Started with 100 beds on Ground Floor.
  • Expanded to 350 beds on 1st & 3rd Floor.
  • NICU started on 09/09/1996
  • Expanded to 550 beds in 1997.
  • Expanded to 750 beds in 1999, upto 5th floor
  • ICU started on 18/10/1999 with 6 beds on 1st Floor.
  • ICU Expanded in 2001 to 12 beds. (Presently under repair)
  • Dialysis Unit started on 12/08/2002 with 6 beds, later 2 beds added.
  • ICU-II started on 28/05/2007 with 12 beds on 1st Floor.
  • NICU-II started on 26/10/2015, total 18 beds on Ground Floor.
  • ICU-III started on 06/08/2015 with 20 beds, total 32 beds.
  • Main OT complex on 1st Floor with area of 30,000 sq ft, with 8 OTs.

Other Clinical facilities (Housed in the basement) include:
  • Modernized FDA approved Blood Bank was started on 20/06/2015, on Basement with Blood component Preparation facilities.
  • Central store in the Basement.
  • CT & MRI scan centre on 1st Floor & Basement respectively.
  • Pasco (BMW) management in the Basement
  • HBOT in the Basement.
  • Laundry (Mechanical) in the Basement.
  • Incinerator in the Basement.
  • Biomedical Engineering Department in the Basement.
  • CSSD in the Basement.
  • Cardiology Center (PPP) on 1st Floor.
  • ART centre on the Ground Floor.
  • Other Essential Govt. Facilities like Family Planning, ICTC, Malaria & leprosy center etc.
  • Post Mortem centre in separate building in the premises of YCMH.
  • OPD Counter for Health Card. (Computerized)
  • Pharmacy on Ground floor & in Basement.

Other General facilities Include:
  • Recreational Facilities, e.g. Playground, Auditorium, Indoor games
  • Resident’s hostel on the 7th Floor.
  • Staff quarters in the Akurdi Hospital campus.
  • Mess/ Canteen on the Ground Floor.
  • Parking for Vehicles in the premises.
  • Generator with capacity of 1010 KV with additional backup 560 KV.
  • Ambulances :Total no.12.& Total no. of drivers 29.

Present Status of Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital YCMH, PCMC
YCM hospital is owned and managed by PCMC, a Municipal Corporation under the auspices of dept. of UD, Govt. of Maharashtra.
It has total 750 beds, includes all broad and certain super-specialties.
  • The distribution of the beds is as under.
  • Casualty / Emergency. (12)
  • ICU – 32 Beds.
  • NICU – 18 Beds.
  • PICU – 06 Beds.
  • Surgical ICU – 05 Beds.
  • Dialysis – 08 Beds.
  • Labour Ward – 20 Beds.
  • Pre-Operative - 11 Beds.
  • Post Operative – 13 Beds.
  • Medical ICU - 12 Beds.
  • CCU -10 Beds.
  • Recovery ICU – 02 Beds.

Distribution of the beds in various specialties:
  • Medicine - 3 Units (120)
  • Surgery - 2 Units (80)
  • OBGY - 3 Units (120)
  • Orthopedics - 2 Units (80)
  • Pediatrics - 2 Units (80)
  • ENT - 1 Unit (30)
  • Psychiatry - 1 Unit (30)
  • Skin VD - 1 Unit (30)
  • Ophthalmology- 1 Unit (30)
  • TB Chest- 1 Unit (30)

It has total 9 OTs, 8 Well equipped OTs in the main OT complex and A minor
OT in casualty / emergency.

Investigative Facilities available as under :
  • Well equipped, Computerized Labs in Biochemistry, Pathology and Micro Biology (Bacteriology, Serology) – All routine as well as necessary Special investigation are available 24/7 hours. Availability of Cytology, Histopathology, Autopsy pathology, Hematology and clinical Pathology are in the dept. of Pathology facilities for CD4 count, CBNAT facilities are also available.
  • In Radiology Dept. Facilities for X-ray, Special procedures, ultra sound sonography (USG) of various parts available 24/7 hours.
  • CT scan, MRI Scan, Stress test, 2D ECHO facilities are also available.

Additional Relevant Facts :
The following has already been implemented in proposed PGI YCMH of PCMC in order to convert the non teaching hospital into a teaching hospital to be affiliated to the PGI
  • Institutional (college) council compressing of HOD’s & MEU has been formed and is regularly functioning.
  • Pharmaco vigilance committee has been formed.
  • library is being developed lists of books and journals is finalized
  • Institutional (college) council compressing of HOD’s & MEU has been formed and is regularly functioning.
  • Pharmaco vigilance committee has been formed.
  • library is being developed lists of books and journals is finalized
  • Anti ragging committee has been formed.
  • Gender harassment committee has been functioning & is reformed recently in Oct 2016.
  • Hospital is well equipped with essential equipments, instruments & other facilities. Deficiencies in the same as per MCI MSR so & PG requirements by MCI are listed.
  • Radiological equipments are available and PNDT approval is taken for Ultrasonography (USG).
  • Full Flagged blood bank is licensed with component facilities.
  • BMW disposal is outsourced with MOU to official agency.
  • 118 posts for teachers and other employees needed are sanctioned. Advertisement was given for 44 ports and interviews were held on 30/03/2017. Appointments will be shortly being given to selected candidates.
  • Rs. 7crores are proposed for PGI YCMH by PCMC in its budget for FY 2017-18
  • IEC is formed & its registration is sought.
  • Clinical workload is plenty. One year’s data summary is attached.
  • Provision is being made to provide residential quarters to needy faculty.
  • Recreational facilities are being made available in common by PCMC
  • Mess/canteen services are presently common; will be made available separately for PG students & staff.

Budgetary Provision
In the financial year 2017-2018, total amount of Rs. 71,69,25,000/- (Rs. Seventy one Crores Sixty Nine Lakhs & Twenty Five Thousand Only) is provided for YCM Hospital, of which Rs. 7,00,00,000/- (Rs. Seven Crores) are to establish a medical PGI at PCMC’s YCM Hospital, Pimpri, Pune-18

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